Sickness and Suffering (CD Set)

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Donald Barnhouse

As Christians in this world, we can be sure that suffering and hardship will be a part of our lives. Our suffering, however, is not in vain; it is not wasted. God uses even the most heart-breaking situations to make us more like Christ. From Romans 8, Donald Barnhouse reminds us of the hope we have in Christ, even amidst suffering. Just as creation groans to be set free from bondage, so too do we long for our future glorification, union with Christ, and the end of all sickness and suffering. 

Sickness & Suffering includes 6 messages: 

  • Suffering and Glorification 
  • Suffering and Glory
  • God in Control
  • Waiting for the Adoption
  • Divine Healing
  • Redeemed Bodies

Donald Grey Barnhouse, one of the twentieth century’s outstanding American preachers, saw the need to spread God’s Word to a vast audience; he went on to start a radio broadcast which has become known as Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible. Dr. Barnhouse is best known for his many colorful illustrations of living the Christian life. His books include Teaching the Word of Truth, Life by the Son, God’s Methods for Holy Living, and more.

(6 messages on 3 CDs)

Topics: Healing, Suffering, Hardship, Comfort