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    Family Worship Bible Guide (Hardback)

    Family Worship Bible Guide (Hardback)

    THIS BOOK IS COMPRISED OF FAMILY WORSHIP THOUGHTS EXTRACTED FROM THE REFORMATION HERITAGE STUDY BIBLE. Leading and nurturing your family as you seek to glorify God and encourage spiritual growth in your home is both God's command and your privilege. One...

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  • Gospel Worship: Worship Worthy of God (Hardback)

    Gospel Worship: Worship Worthy of God (Hardback)

    This treatise on Leviticus 10:1-3 is a call to propriety and sobriety in the worship of God. It deals with the believer's sanctification through "three great ordinances":(1)Hearing the Word(2)Receiving the Lord's Supper, and(3)Prayer In a day that...

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  • What Happens When We Worship (Paperback)

    What Happens When We Worship (Paperback)

    Many churchgoers assume that worship is inherently boring, something we need to make exciting. But as Jonathan Landry Cruse shows, churchgoing only seems monotonous and mundane because our eyes are blinded to the supernatural wonder that is taking place...

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