• When Prayer Is a Struggle (Paperback)

    When Prayer Is a Struggle (Paperback)

    If you struggle to pray, be encouraged—God wants to help you! Writing as a sympathetic guide, Kevin Halloran shows how gospel truths speak to your prayer struggles, diagnoses issues of the heart that hinder true prayer, and gives practical tips...
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  • The Message of Salvation (Paperback)

    The Message of Salvation (Paperback)

    Salvation is a well-worn Christian term. We think we know what it means. But biblically speaking, salvation is one of those big terms that encircles a number of others, each of them reflecting a stunning facet of God's grace in Jesus Christ. Philip Ryken...
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  • Thoughts on Public Prayer (Hardcover)

    Thoughts on Public Prayer (Hardcover)

    Unless I mistake, I have observed, from time to time, facts in regard to public prayer which satisfied me that there was a call for special counsel on the subject. It has even occurred to me to doubt whether the well known doctrine of our beloved Church,...
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  • 2 Timothy & Titus (Hardcover)

    2 Timothy & Titus (Hardcover)

    The apostle Paul is known for his doctrinally rich writing, but we should not overlook his concern for the practical. In his letters to Timothy and Titus—faithful younger men who had followed him into ministry—Paul has much to teach every one...
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    Patience: Waiting with Hope (Paperback)

    Patience: Waiting with Hope (Paperback)

    Do you dread being forced to wait? Does a summons to patience sound like a call to bitter endurance? It’s not. This neglected virtue is the powerful and diligent practice of godliness in daily life—we are called to be faithful over time just...
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