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  • Between Wittenburg and Geneva (paperback)

    Between Wittenburg and Geneva (paperback)

    At the 500th anniversary of the Wittenberg Reformation, two highly regarded scholars compare and contrast the history and theological positions of the Reformed and Lutheran traditions. The authors tackle nine theological topics significant for the life...

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  • Dominion and Dynasty (Paperback)

    Dominion and Dynasty (Paperback)

    Christian theologians rarely study the Old Testament in its final Hebrew canonical form, even though this was very likely the Bible used by Jesus and the early church. However, once read as a whole, the larger structure of the Hebrew...

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  • The Case for Biblical Archaeology (Paperback)

    The Case for Biblical Archaeology (Paperback)

    For many today, history holds little application to modern existence, and so we are both biblically and historically uninformed. Biblical archaeology—the systematic study of the material remains of human behavior in biblical history—provides...

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