• Genesis, Volume 2: Genesis 12-36 (Paperback)

    Genesis, Volume 2: Genesis 12-36 (Paperback)

    In this commentary on Genesis 12-36, Boice traces the "new beginning" of God's plan of redemption, which arose out of God's relationship with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. By delving into the patriarchs' lives, Boice demonstrates how much they are like us...
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  • Zechariah (Phillips)(mp3 Download Set)

    Zechariah (Phillips)(mp3 Download Set)

    The Book of Zechariah records the prophetic message of Zechariah to the community that had returned to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile and was charged with rebuilding the temple and city. The physical return was meant to prompt a...
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  • The Minor Prophets: 2 Volume Set (Paperback)

    The Minor Prophets: 2 Volume Set (Paperback)

    Topic: The Minor Prophets About A set of two inspirational commentaries on the message of the Minor Prophets. Respected preacher James Montgomery Boice discusses the life and works of each prophet, starting with Hosea and ending with Malachi...
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  • Zechariah (Boice)(mp3 downloads)

    Zechariah (Boice)(mp3 downloads)

    ZechariahThe book of Zechariah is the fascinating account of a priest who had visions. Discover the lessons these visions teach and see how they relate to issues about religion today, such as what true religion is, what the significance of cleanliness...
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  • Genesis, Volume 3: Genesis 37-50 (Paperback)

    Genesis, Volume 3: Genesis 37-50 (Paperback)

    No man in Scripture lived more consistently and completely for God than did Joseph, a favorite son of Jacob. In times of adversity and in times of prosperity-both of which offered the temptation to deny God and his lordship-Joseph remained steadfast...
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