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  • David's Son and David's Lord (Paperback)

    One of the greatest needs of the church throughout the ages is to contemplate, know, and love Jesus Christ. This all-encompassing vision of Christ promotes the spread of the gospel and the holiness of God’s people, and yet it is often missing today...

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  • Reformed Worship (Paperback)

    Reformed Worship follows the release earlier this year of the same author as Worshipping with Calvin. This is a much shorter and more accessible presentation of the subject: Terry Johnson shows clearly that there are good biblical and historical reasons...

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    Serving The King (Paperback)

    About As Christians, we are to serve our King. The Lord has something for each of us to do for him. Learning what our special task for God is can be both frustrating and rewarding at the same time: frustrating because the process of learning it is...

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  • Serving with Calvin (Paperback)

    Terry Johnson s 2014 Worshipping with Calvin (EP Books) promised a follow-up work that would focus on implementation. Serving with Calvin is that work. Whereas Worshipping with Calvin argued for the revival of historic Reformed ministry and worship by...

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  • Content Yet Contending: Jude (Paperback)

    The book of Jude is small enough to be easily passed over, but here Danny Hyde shows that to do so would be a mistake: Those who are content in knowing the Triune God of grace are called to contend in the name of the Triune God for that grace. Those who...

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