• The Lord's Prayer for His People (Hardcover)

    The Lord's Prayer for His People (Hardcover)

    Robert Traill's treatment of Christ's intercessory prayer for His people is a masterpiece of Puritan experiential doctrine. Mining the depths of John 17:24, Traill discovers the comforts of the doctrine of election, the blessing of our hope of heaven,...
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  • When Prayer Is a Struggle (Paperback)

    When Prayer Is a Struggle (Paperback)

    If you struggle to pray, be encouraged—God wants to help you! Writing as a sympathetic guide, Kevin Halloran shows how gospel truths speak to your prayer struggles, diagnoses issues of the heart that hinder true prayer, and gives practical tips...
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  • Thoughts on Public Prayer (Hardcover)

    Thoughts on Public Prayer (Hardcover)

    Unless I mistake, I have observed, from time to time, facts in regard to public prayer which satisfied me that there was a call for special counsel on the subject. It has even occurred to me to doubt whether the well known doctrine of our beloved Church,...
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  • Persistent Prayer (Hardcover)

    Persistent Prayer (Hardcover)

    We have many reasons to be excited about prayer—and to pray with urgency! Guy Richard shows us that as we pour out our hearts to the Lord, we and the world around us will be changed. Informative, encouraging, and practical, this brief book will...
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    Prayer (Puritan Paperbacks)

    Prayer (Puritan Paperbacks)

    Two works on prayer are here brought together. In Praying in the Spirit Bunyan defines what it means to pray with the spirit and with the understanding, and deals with difficulties in prayer. In The Throne of Grace, he explains how to approach...
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  • Everyday Prayer with the Puritans (Hardcover)

    Everyday Prayer with the Puritans (Hardcover)

    Through short meditative readings and reflection questions, Donald McKim explores Puritan teaching on prayer to inspire and inform your own devotions. You will discover how to bring God into all aspects of your life through prayer. Publication...
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  • Prayer: A Biblical Perspective (Paperback)

    Prayer: A Biblical Perspective (Paperback)

    ‘We shall do well to watch our habits of prayer with a holy watchfulness. Here is the pulse of our Christianity. Here is the true test of our state before God.’ These words of J. C. Ryle are as true today as they were when they were first...
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  • Everyday Prayer with John Calvin (Hardcover)

    Everyday Prayer with John Calvin (Hardcover)

    Prayer is central to the Christian life, which is why John Calvin spends more time on prayer than on any other topic in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. Drawing from the Institutes and Calvin’s Old and New Testament commentaries, Donald K...
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