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Jonathan Cruse

  • Hymns of Devotion (Paperback)

    Hymns of Devotion (Paperback)

    Hymns of Devotion is a collection of 25 new hymns written by author Jonathan Landry Cruse. These texts are rooted solely in Scripture and span the whole experience of the Christian life. Many have been set to beautiful new melodies, while others have...

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  • The Christian's True Identity (Paperback)

    The Christian's True Identity (Paperback)

    With its identity politics, numerous gender identity options, “selfies,” and “you-do-you” mentality, society emphasizes individualism, but it seems like people are having a harder time than ever figuring out who they are. The...

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  • What Happens When We Worship (Paperback)

    What Happens When We Worship (Paperback)

    Many churchgoers assume that worship is inherently boring, something we need to make exciting. But as Jonathan Landry Cruse shows, churchgoing only seems monotonous and mundane because our eyes are blinded to the supernatural wonder that is taking place...

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