• El Lider Pastor (Paperback)

    El Lider Pastor (Paperback)

    New Spanish edition of The Shepherd Leader ¿Es usted un líder de la iglesia que quiere fortalecer su iglesia y sus miembros? Puede marcar una gran diferencia mediante un pastoreo estratégico y eficaz. Timothy Witmer, profesor y...
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  • Divorce (Paperback)

    Divorce (Paperback)

    An analysis of both Old and New Testament teachings concerning divorce, providing a more holistic view of the subject by setting the issue in a broader spectrum of God's relationship with his people. Case studies are presented to demonstrate that the...
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    Hosea (Hardcover)

    Hosea (Hardcover)

    Exploring Hosea’s historical, biblical, and cultural contexts verse by verse, pastor-theologian Richard Phillips highlights the book’s powerful gospel message: although God’s people stray and sin, God’s love is unfailing. As are...
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  • When Prayer Is a Struggle (Paperback)

    When Prayer Is a Struggle (Paperback)

    If you struggle to pray, be encouraged—God wants to help you! Writing as a sympathetic guide, Kevin Halloran shows how gospel truths speak to your prayer struggles, diagnoses issues of the heart that hinder true prayer, and gives practical tips...
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  • Romans (Hardcover)

    Romans (Hardcover)

    Drawing from the great doctrinal heritage of the Reformed faith, Daniel Doriani brings clarity and unique insight to the many practical lessons on Christian living and salvation found in the book of Romans. With verse-by-verse commentary, Doriani...
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  • 2 Timothy & Titus (Hardcover)

    2 Timothy & Titus (Hardcover)

    The apostle Paul is known for his doctrinally rich writing, but we should not overlook his concern for the practical. In his letters to Timothy and Titus—faithful younger men who had followed him into ministry—Paul has much to teach every one...
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