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  • 2 Samuel (Hardcover)

    About Blessed through God’s anointing, King David binds together a broken nation and gives his people victory—until, distracted, he is overcome by sin. The sword of God’s judgment then falls on David and his house, but even as David is...

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  • Daniel (Hardback)

    The book of Daniel is both familiar and unfamiliar to many Christians. The stories of the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion’s den are the staples of children’s Bible storybooks and Sunday school classes. Yet the latter chapters of...

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  • Esther & Ruth (Hardback)

    Does God help those who help themselves? That may seem to be the message of the Books of Esther and Ruth. Some think that Ruth’s attractiveness won over Naomi and Boaz, or that Esther’s bold faithfulness saved her people. But a closer reading...

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  • Zephaniah, Haggai, Malachi (Hardback)

    To the people of Judah, distressed by changing political realities, it seemed that God had lost control of the situation. Zephaniah warned of imminent judgment and pointed to hope close at hand: God is both Judge and a Refuge from judgment...

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  • 1 & 2 Thessalonians (Hardcover)

    About Years before writing Romans or Ephesians, Paul sent a pair of letters to a new church in Thessalonica. Three concerns governed Paul’s teaching in these letters: What makes a healthy church? How should we view God’s Word? What does a...

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  • 1 Kings (Hardcover)

    Dynasties, fractured kingdoms, prophecies of coming hardships??the book of 1 Kings is a grand, sweeping narrative of the beginning of the downfall of God??s people. Its size and scope may seem intimidating, but Phil Ryken shows us in this biblical,...

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  • 1 Samuel (Hardcover)

    About David is more than a great hero, a man of faith, and a model for Christians to follow. He is one of the most important Old Testament types of Jesus Christ. It is as an anointed one—called and provided by God to lead Israel—that David...

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  • 1 Timothy (Hardcover)

    From worship and prayer to family and the use of money, the book of 1 Timothy is full of implications for life in the local church. But beyond these practical truths for all believers, Ryken writes, "Paul's purpose in 1 Timothy is to help his spiritual...

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