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  • Expository Exultation (Hardback)

    “God has appointed preaching in worship as one great means of accomplishing his ultimate goal in the world.” ―John Piper John Piper makes a compelling claim in these pages about the purpose of preaching: it is intended not merely as an...

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    Hearers and Doers

    Sound, Scriptural Doctrine The foundation of discipleship is sound, scriptural doctrine. The value of sound doctrine is often misunderstood by the modern church. While it can be dry and dull, when it flows from the story of Scripture, it can be full of...

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  • The Elder and His Work (Paperback)

    The Elder and His Work is a classic that conveys the gravity and importance of the elder’s calling. Nineteenth-century author David Dickson provided this brief, complete manual describing the qualifications and duties of elders. According to...

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    Neighborology (Paperback)

    Written as a follow-up to Not Just a Soup Kitchen, David Apple's Neighborology is more than a book-it is a concept that provides a blueprint for how churches and servant leaders of every ministry can be neighborly helpers. This book provides insight into...

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  • So Pastor, What's Your Point (Hardcover)

    "So, pastor, what's your point?" This is the question a congregation member may have. "How do I get started? How do I put a sermon together?" These are questions many students of preaching have. The sermon preparation procedure introduced in this...

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