A Common Heritage (mp3 Download Set)

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African-American Pastors Conference 2001

A Common Heritage
“The faith one delivered to all the saints” is singular and knows no racial or ethnic boundaries. Yet there is a real gulf between Anglo and African-American churches in our nation. While the reason for this gulf are manifold, we see to begin to address it at what we believe should be the core of our discussion — theological integrity.
It is our hope that all evangelicals will recognize that if we are to defend the faith against the many enemies of the day, we will need to stand on common ground as brothers and sisters in Christ, shoulder-to-shoulder, strengthening one another in order to stand against common foes.

The 9 messages of A Common Heritage include:
• “The Faith Once Delivered” by Anthony Carter
• “Law and Gospel” by John Nunes
• “The Middle Wall of Partition” by Anthony Bradley
• “Third Wave Threat” by Ken Jones
• “Making Room for the Solas” by Rick Armstrong
• “Theology of the Cross and the African American Experience” by John Nunes
• “The Attractions and Shortcomings of Liberation Theology” by Carl Ellis
• “Creeds, Confessions, and Catechisms” by Ken Jones
• “Exposition vs. Emotionalism” by Elliott Greene

(9 mp3 downloads)