The Sabbath (mp3 Download Set)

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Donald Barnhouse

The Bible shows that the early Christians met together on the first day of the week, but after Christ, the entire Mosaic system, including its Sabbath day, gave way to the reign of grace. We no longer observe the first day of the week; we celebrate it. It has become a new day with a new name, the “Lord’s Day.” In this set, Donald Barnhouse takes us through the history of the Sabbath, detailing how to view the Sabbath in the context of Jesus Christ, and applies the New Testament’s view of the Sabbath to our lives.

The Sabbath contains 6 messages:

  • History of the Sabbath
  • Lord of the Sabbath
  • Sabbath in the New Testament
  • The Day of Resurrection
  • Believer and the First Day
  • Our Sabbath Rest

Donald Grey Barnhouse, one of the twentieth century’s outstanding American preachers, saw the need to spread God’s Word to a vast audience; he went on to start a radio broadcast which has become known as Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible. Dr. Barnhouse is best known for his many colorful illustrations of living the Christian life. His books include Teaching the Word of Truth, Life by the Son, God’s Methods for Holy Living, and more.


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