Worshiping God's Way, Not Ours (MP3 Discs)

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2018 Reformation Worship Conference

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.” Psalm 29:2

The Reformation Worship Conference exists to encourage the church to remember her Reformation heritage, particularly as it concerns biblical, God-centered worship. This year, topics range from worship songs, medieval worship, music leadership, counter-cultural worship, and the seriousness of worshiping God’s way, to worship and spiritual growth, counseling from the Psalms, and celebrating salvation.

Worshiping God’s Way, Not Ours Plenary Sessions includes 9 messages:

  • "Worship and Spiritual Growth" by Robert Godfrey
  • "Why Worship as God Says" by Carl Trueman
  • "What Revelation Tells About Worship" by Robert Godfrey
  • "What's Great About the Great Commission" by David Garner
  • "Worship of God is Deadly Serious" by Neil Stewart
  • "Worship that is Counter Cultural" by Carl Trueman
  • "Christ's Statement on Worship" by Carl Robbins
  • "A Celebrating Salvation" by Robert Godfrey
  • "Worship Songs" by Robert Godfrey

Worshiping God’s Way, Not Ours Workshops includes 12 messages.

  • "Should Our Minds Be the Basis of Creating Worship?" by Carl Robbins
  • "Counseling from the Psalms" by Kent Butterfield
  • "Reviving God-Designed Worship" by Terry Johnson
  • "The Building Blocks of God Honoring Worship" by Neil Stewart
  • "Historical Examples of When God-Centered Worship Could Have Helped" by Carl Trueman
  • "The Regulative Principle of Missions" by David Garner
  • "An Important 400th Anniversary, Is Dort for Dorks" by Robert Godfrey
  • "The Last Half Century of Worship Music, Back to Midievalism" by Scott Aniol
  • "The Importance of the Local Church" by Mark Ross
  • "Striving for Beauty and Simplicity, Music Leadership and Principles" by Scott Aniol, Dan Cole
  • "Leading and Heeding Reformed Worship" by Terry Johnson
  • "The Regulative Principle of Hymnody" by Scott Aniol

(21 MP3 messages on 2 CDs)