The Way Jesus Prayed (CD Set)

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James Boice

The Way Jesus Prayed

Let us walk through Jesus’ well known prayer for His disciples in the Gospel of John. This section of scripture contains probably the best known and most loved words that Jesus ever uttered. On the verge of suffering and death by crucifixion, Jesus speaks out of the peace that was His as God. He tells His disciples, and us, how we too may have peace in tribulation. Jesus is the Prince of Peace as He provides shelter for those who believe in Him.
The 6 messages from John 14 and 17 include:

• ”Praying in Jesus’ Name”

• “The Real Lord’s Prayer”

• “Prayer for Christ’s Own”

• “Christ’s Word Kept”

• “Prayers for Christ’s Own Only”

• “God’s Perseverance with His Saints”

(6 messages on 3 CDs)

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