The Christian in the World (CD Set)

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Donald Barnhouse

The Christian in The World
As Christians in the world we are faced with all kinds of temptation and opportunity to sin. We must, however, live differently than the world. We learn from Jesus what it means to love our neighbor as ourselves from His parable about the Good Samaritan. We are challenged to examine our own lives and see if we truly love others in this way.
The things we want and chase after say a lot about whom or what we truly worship. The things in this world can never satisfy. Jesus saw our idolatrous hearts and our need for a savior. It is His love and sacrifice that enable us to worship God. And His Holy Spirit enables us to bear fruit that brings Him glory.
Christians are often scrutinized by the world and called out as hypocrites. Only when our faith runs through our whole lives and God is King in our own hearts can we impact others for Christ. God gives us the wisdom we need to love and serve those around us.

(13 messages on 7 CDs)

Donald Grey Barnhouse, one of the twentieth century’s outstanding American preachers, saw the need to spread God’s Word to a vast audience; he went on to start a radio broadcast which has become known as Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible. Dr. Barnhouse is best known for his many colorful illustrations of living the Christian life. His books include Teaching the Word of Truth, Life by the Son, God’s Methods for Holy Living, and more.