No Satisfaction (mp3 download)

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Philip Ryken

The book of Ecclesiastes is "about life, the way it really is," says Philip Ryken. Readers throughout the ages have been drawn to the way it honestly wrestles with the tedium of work, injustices in this life, the ravages of age, and the inevitability of death. But its wisdom, according to Ryken, is in teaching people to trust God with life's questions even in the midst of struggles.

In this audio set, Dr. Ryken explores what will happen if we choose the world's offerings instead of God's and teaches valuable lessons about what it means to have a God-centered worldview. Dr. Ryken's messages on Ecclesiastes offer clear exposition, practical application, and unqualified commitment to biblical authority. Dr. Ryken's teaching will not only enrich any individual study of Ecclesiastes but will equip Christian leaders in communicating its universal application to a wide audience.

Philip Graham Ryken, the Bible teacher of Every Last Word radio and internet broadcasts, focuses on teaching the whole Bible to change your whole life. Dr. Ryken also serves as President of Wheaton College. His books include: The Heart of the Cross (with Dr. James Boice), City on a Hill: The Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century, Jeremiah and Lamentations, and Loving the Way Jesus Loves. Every Last Word can be heard online, anytime, at

This download includes 1 message entitled "No Satisfaction" from the series, Ecclesiastes: Why Everything Matters.

Topics: Life, Wisdom, Work, Justice, Spirituality, Worldview

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 5:8-20