He Speaks to Me Everywhere (Paperback)

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Philip Ryken
P&R Publishing

We often hear that Christianity - especially Christianity shaped by the Reformation - relates to all of life.  All of life? Would that include e-mail? DNA? T-Ball? Sleep? April Fool's Day? A pig on an airplane?  All of these topics are treated here by Philip Ryken, former pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, who turns them into meditations on living the Christian life in a culture that has forgotten God, even though he rules just the same.  These meditations show that theology is not an abstruse, academic specialty, a matter of lofty abstractions.  Rather, theology, in all of its doctrinal rigor, illuminates everything it touches.  As Ryken says, "I am interested in almost everything, and theology is about everything." These meditations also demonstrate just how vast, rich, and comprehensive is the biblical worldview. This book is exactly what we laypeople need from our pastors, practical help in walking through the mine fields of contemporary life and in developing a biblical perspective on all of life.