Evangelism (pdf download)

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Jeffrey Stivason

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). That is Jesus’ command for His followers, but it can be a terrifying task. And what’s the point, if a person is saved by God and not our efforts? Join Jeffrey Stivason, Mark Johnston, David Calhoun, and others as they discuss biblical, Reformed evangelism from years past and for today. With confidence in King Jesus, we may go boldly and bring the Good News to all people, be they across the ocean or down the street.

Pages: 40
Publication Date: January 2018
Topic: Evangelism

Table of Contents: 
1. “Why Evangelize?” by Michael Roberts
2. “The Great Missionary Presupposition" by Jeffrey Stivason
3. “Mission Impossible?” by Mark Johnston
4. “Missions in the Old Testament” by Tim Bertolet
5. “John Calvin on Missions” by Michael Haykin
6. “Old Princeton: Her Missionary Outreach” by David Calhoun