Antinomianism (PDF Download)

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Jeffrey Stivason

"[Antinomianism] certainly is a problem today, and it will always be a problem, because sin is lawlessness. While we are sinners and have indwelling sin, we will always hate God's Law." —Mark Jones

Translated literally, antinomian means "against the law." But the term also carries historical, rhetorical, and theological baggage. Have some Christians been labeled "antinomian" unjustly? Have others taken in this dangerous teaching unawares? To navigate these tricky waters, the writers at Place for Truth remind us to live humbly, think critically, and love visibly, following the voice of our Good Shepherd.

Pages: 28
Publication Date: January 2019
Topic: Gospel, Law, 

Table of Contents: 
1. Antinomianism (an Interview with Mark Jones)
2. Learning from Error by Michael Christ
3. A Better View of the Father by Jeffrey Stivason
4. Rhetoric and Extremes by Cody Dolinsek
5. The Perils of Antinomianism by Tim Bertolet
6. (Not) Loving God by Grant Van Leuven