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Jeffrey Stivason

"As we probe the depths of adoption, we are drawn to the glory and sweetness and splendor of Christ; we see the scope of His love and the efficacy of His work in ways that are gripping and life-changing." —David Garner, p. 4

If you are saved in Christ, you are likewise adopted into God's family. This is a glorious reality, yet sadly it is also one of "the most neglected doctrines" in the Church today (p. 2). Christians must remember daily that they, once children of wrath, have been drawn by the grace of God into the sweetness that is adoption (Eph. 1:5; 2:3–7). 

This booklet features articles and interviews on the subject of adoption, including a message from the late Dr. John Gerstner. We hope their thoughts will pull you back into the Word and remind you of the promises God makes to His children.

Pages: 32
Publication Date: July 2017
Topic: Grace, Salvation, 

Table of Contents: 
1. From Wrath to Love (an Interview with Joel Beeke)
2. Sons of the Son (an Interview with David Garner)
3. The Security of God's Family by Jeffrey Stivason
4. The Riches of Adoption by Stephen Unthank
5. Belonging to God's Family by John Gerstner