Counterfeit Evangelism (mp3 Download Set)

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Texas Hill Country Bible Conference 2016

Counterfeit Evangelism

It is hardly possible to be a Christian without having a strong commitment to evangelism. The challenge, however, is knowing how to evangelize. In recent generations, approaches to revival and soul-winning have tended to follow the lead of advertising companies rather than the Bible. These messages will review the problems of counterfeit evangelism and provide clear biblical examples for witnessing, drawing from the Gospel of John. The goal of these messages is to shed light on the vital subject of evangelism so that believers will be able to spread the Gospel confidently and with a sound expectation for God’s blessing.
The 3 messages of Counterfeit Evangelism by Richard Phillips include:

• “The Spirit of Revival”

• “Behold the Lamb! Evangelism in John 1”

• “Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God”

(3 mp3 downloads)