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James Boice

Taken captive and marched off to another country, Daniel and his friends have some amazing adventures in Babylonia. But through it all they are faithful to God and God blesses them. As you enter into their story, you’ll learn more about: the sovereignty of God, why we must be holy, Christian living in a secular culture, and where we see Christ in the book of Daniel. In the latter half of this book, Daniel’s own visions are recorded and in them we catch glimpses of the future. How are these visions relevant to our lives? Learn from the God of history as you study the book of Daniel with Dr. Boice.

The 15 messages included in 'Daniel: Whose God is God?' are:

  • Daniel: Whose God is God - Dan. 1:1,2
  • A Young Man Decides - Dan 1:3-21
  • God of the Nations - Dan. 2:1-23
  • Rock of Ages - Dan. 2:3-21
  • Faith in the Furnace - Dan 3:1-30
  • The Sin God Will Not Tolerate - Dan. 4:1-37
  • Belshazzar Gave a Party - Dan 5:1-31
  • A Busy Man's Devotional Life - Dan 6:1-28
  • History By the Ounce - Dan. 7:1-28
  • A Vision of Jesus Christ - Dan. 7:13-14
  • End of an Era - Dan. 8:1-27
  • When Shall Messiah Come? - Dan. 9:1-27
  • Spiritual Wickedness in High Places - Dan. 10:1-11:1
  • The Last Battle - Dan. 11:1-45
  • Until the End Comes - Dan. 12:1-13

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