The Sovereignty of God (mp3 Download Set)

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New Jersey Pastors and Lay Leaders Conference 2009

The Sovereignty of God
At critical points in human history, in the midst of war, disease, poverty and
persecution, the people of God have turned to find comfort and hope in the
God of Scripture who saves men and ordains human history on the basis of
His eternal decrees and sovereign purposes.
The 2009 New Jersey Pastors and Lay Leaders Conference honors and remembers
the historic Sovereignty of God Conference on its 70th year anniversary
where it is our desire to celebrate and enjoy our Sovereign God together,
as we assemble around the truths of His sovereignty and grace. You will be
encouraged reminded that we can fully trust a sovereign God who has lovingly
and providentially ordained human history for His glory and the good
of His people.

The 10 messages of The Sovereignty of God include:
• “The Sovereignty of God: A Biblical Theology” by James White
• “God’s Sovereign Choice of the Younger Son” by William Poss
• “God’s Sovereignty and the Call of the Pastor” by Eric Redmond
• “The Sovereignty of God and Prayer” by Paulo Freire
• “The Sovereignty of God and Preaching” by Gabriel Grossi
• “The Sovereignty of God and Human Responsibility” by James Domm
• “The Sovereignty of God and Ethics” by Robert Cameron
• “The Sovereignty of God and American Attitudes” by Eric Redmond
• “The Sovereignty of God and Politics” by David Chanski
• “The Future of Calvinism in America” by James White

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