The Millennium of Jesus Christ (Paperback)

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David Hall
Covenant Foundation

The Millennium of Jesus Christ is a needed and practical guide to The Revelation.  On the brink of a new millennium and amidst the sea of speculative theories, this commentary makes the final book of the Bible easier to understand rather than more confusing.  Each chapter focuses on the person and work of Jesus Christ and permits application to life in all ages.  With its preoccupation with Jesus, it emphasizes his timelessness and ministry in all generations. 

This volume stands out for its simplicity of presentation and also for its harmony with other Scriptures.  It demonstrates how the Revelation is useful for Christians in all ages, whether the Second Coming is near or far. Unwilling to relegate The Revelation to the bin of irrelevance, this book will aid expositors and students of Scripture in any period of history.  It also recovers a longer-standing way of interpreting Scripture than many recent approaches. 

Publication Date: 1998

Topic: Jesus, Revelation, Millennium, Anti-Christ, Apocalypse, Church

Scripture Reference:  The Revelation

Table of Contents:

  1. Why The Revelation?
  2. How We are a Kingdom of Priests
  3. The Final Jesus
  4. The Priority of the Church
  5. Seven Epistles for All Times
  6. The Church at Smyrna: A Primer in Energy-ology
  7. To the Churches in Thyatira and Sardis
  8. To the Churches in Sardis and Philadelphia
  9. The Church at Laodicea
  10. Comparisons of Worth
  11. Music, Heaven's Own Song
  12. Where is Jesus During the Seven Seals
  13. Revelation and Feasting
  14. Perseverance of the Saints
  15. Prayer Before the Seven Trumpets
  16. Series of Sevens: The Trumpets
  17. The Two Witnesses
  18. The Birth of Jesus Triumphs over Satan
  19. The Anti-Christ Revealed
  20. The Major Anti-God Symbols
  21. The Eternal Work of God
  22. The Seven Bowls Poured Out
  23. Adulterous Faith
  24. The Collapse of Babylon
  25. Jesus: The Rider on the White Horse
  26. The Millennium Does Not Await
  27. The Blessed Hope
  28. When God's Work on Earth is Completed


Dsvid W. Hall is Pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oak Ridge TN. He is the Executive Editor of Premise, and among his other works are: Savior or Servant?: Putting Government in Its Place; Paradigms in Polity; The Arrogance of the Modern; Windows on Westminster; and Election Day Sermons.


Number of Pages: 380