The Law of God (mp3 Download Set)

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Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century 2014

The Law of God
These lessons for life as summarized in the Westminster Larger Catechism are for those who love the Lord and focuses on the relevant and at times divisive topic of how Christian’s are to understand the role of God’s law in their daily lives. Serious students of God’s infallible and inerrant Word will benefit from these scholarly and practical messages.
The 5 messages of The Law of God include:

• “Not Under Law - Really?: ‘The Law and Its Uses’” by Jack Kinneer

• “The Law Leads us to Christ: ‘The Law and Its First Use’” by Barry York

• “The Law Restrains Evil: ‘The Law and Its Second Use’” by Richard Gamble

• “The Law Guides us in Gratitude: ‘The Law and Its Third Use’” by John Tweeddale

• “The Heart of the Matter: ‘Avoiding Legalism’” by C.J. Williams

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The Westminster Confession in the 21st Century is an annual international conference on the work of the Westminster Assembly hosted by the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.