The Law of God in Personal and Public Life (mp3 Disc)

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The Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century 2006

The Law of God in Personal and Public Life

Significant misunderstanding continues to arise regarding the Westminster Assembly’s doctrine of the law of God in personal and public life. It is important to the Church to revisit these issues of the confession and to examine these subjects and more in a timely and helpful manner.

The 6 messages in The Law of God in Personal and Public Life include:

• “Because it is the Word of God” by Scott Oliphint

• “Oh How I Love Thy Law! Meditations on Chapter XIX of the Westminster Confession of Faith: Of the Law of God” by Mark Ross

• “Recovering the Reformed Tradition” by Scott Clark

• “Moses, Westminster and Your Ministry” by Dennis Prutow

• “Creation, Covenant, and Earth Stewardship: Climate Change Policy as an Application of Reformed Doctrine and Ethics” by Calvin Beisner

• “Communion of the Saints” by Richard Gamble

The Westminster Confession in the 21st Century is an annual international conference on the work of the Westminster Assembly hosted by the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

(6 mp3 files on 1 CD)