The Gospel Pure and Simple (CD Set)

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Romans in 24 Hours

The Gospel Pure and Simple
Romans is undoubtedly one of the key books in the Bible. But it is also one of the most challenging, so can be off-putting. Romans in 24 Hours is designed to guide you through the major sections of this great New Testament letter. Whether you just want to know what makes this book so important, or understand it better to teach it to others, here is an excellent way to invest 24 hours of your time.
Romans was the catalyst to St. Augustine’s conversion, the “gateway to paradise” for Martin Luther and the inspiration for John Bunyan to write The Pilgrim’s Progress. There is no book of the Bible that more opens up the power, logic, and mystery of the Gospel more clearly than Romans. That explains why it never ceases to have a profound impact on so many who study it seriously. It is a book the Church of the 21st Century needs to discover all over again. We hope this event will help you to be part of that rediscovery.
The idea for this seminar began in the 1980s under the leadership of James Boice and Sinclair Ferguson. It proved so helpful that they were asked to teach it over and over again. In that tradition, and partnering with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelical, Sinclair Ferguson, Liam Goligher, and Mark Johnston, who have preached through Romans several times, will introduce a new generation to the source of The Gospel Pure and Simple.

(5 messages on 5 CDs)