The Compassion of Christ (mp3 download Set)

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James Boice, Philip Ryken, and Richard Phillips

The Compassion of Christ

Do you find yourself caught up with eggs and bunnies during the week of Easter? Or maybe you just let the day go by without much thought at all. Let’s refocus and see the compassion of Christ for those who are about to crucify Him. We’ll also learn about Jesus as our Good Shepherd. And like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Jesus does not leave us in doubt, but has opened our eyes to the glory of the Resurrection.
The 6 messages in The Compassion of Christ include:

•  Peter Went Out and Wept Bitterly by James Boice

•  When He Saw the City He Wept Over It by James Boice

•  Believing the Resurrection by Richard Phillips

•  Christ Revealed by Richard Phillips

•  The Gentlest King by Philip Ryken

•  Something to Cry About by Philip Ryken

(6 messages on 2 CDs)