Testing the Good Life: Why Puritians are Good Teachers (CD)

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Stephen Nichols

The writings and wisdom of men and women seeking to “purify” the 16th and 17th century church still speak to Reformed hearts and minds today. Church historians William Barker and Stephen Nichols detail the timeless insights of Burroughs, Bradford, Sibbes, and others.

This CD from The Pilgrim Life: Christian Discipleship in Puritan Classics includes:

  • "Testing the Good Life: Why Puritans are Good Teachers" by Stephen Nichols

Reformed Theology reaches beyond mere doctrine, extending into the worldview and lifestyle of every Christian. For more than 25 years, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, PA hosted the Reformed Bible Conference, which—each year—centered on a different theme of interest, from the historical to the practical. With host pastor Michael Rogers providing the foundation, renowned and respected speakers from around the world gathered to provide timeless teaching and profound insight into the Reformed life.

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