Romans, Volume 3: Romans 9-11 (Paperback)

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James Boice
Baker Books

"No religion is stronger than its god," says James Montgomery Boice, "and in the case of Christianity, no Christians have ever been stronger than their knowledge of the true God and their desire to obey and glorify him." Volume 3, God and History, asks what in the world is God doing to help Christians gain a better understanding of who he is.  With life-empowering descriptions of God's sovereignty and purpose, James Montgomery Boice shows us a balanced view of predestination and other issues that sometimes trouble us. Boice discusses: "The Potter and the Clay" (9:19-21) "Two Kinds of Righteousness" (10:3) "Heart Belief and Mouth Confession" (10:10) "The Outstretched Hands of God" (10:21) "A Future for God's Ancient People" (11:23-24) This expositional commentary on one of the Bible's most popular books combines careful scholarship and clear communication in a verse-by-verse and section-by-section reading of the biblical text. Integrating thoughtful interpretation with contemporary insight for daily living, James Montgomery Boice explains the meaning of the text and relates the text's concerns to the church, Christianity, and the world in which we live.