Republocrat (Paperback)

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Carl Trueman
P&R Publishing

Politics has become something of a joke-but not a funny one. Sound-bite and knee-jerk have replaced reasoned debate and the church appears to wear a one-size-fits-all political jacket. Isn't it time to think a bit deeper? Carl Trueman takes you on a readable, provocative, and lively romp through Christianity and politics.

Publication Date: 2010

Topic: Politics, conservative theology,

Table of Contents:

  1.  Left Behind
  2. The Slipperiness of Secularization
  3. Not-So-Fantastic Mr. Fox
  4. Living Life to the Max
  5. Rulers of the Queen's Navee
  6. Concluding Unpolitical Postscript

"I heartily recommend that you read this book. But you do so at your own peril." - Peter A. Lillback, President of the Providence Forum, Author of George Washigton's Sacred Fire

"Our political choices are very often between relative goods and lesser evils. Republocrat is the honest and heart-felt lament of a talented theologian's struggle with the limited choices before us. Well argued, and well worth arguing with,Trueman's book has the potential to spark lively conversations and much needed debate. Let's hope so." - Michael Cromartie, past Commissioner of the United States Commission of International Religious Freedom

Carl R. Truman is Professor of Historical Theology and Chrch History at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

Number of Pages: 110