Overcoming Adversity (mp3 downloads)

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James Boice

This study from Genesis focuses on the early life of Joseph. As a young man, Joseph experiences hardships of all kinds, from betrayal and rejection to temptation and loneliness. Through these dark years, Joseph kept his eyes on God, and his faith was strengthened. From studying Joseph’s life, you can learn how God is working in your own difficulties, why God allows His people to suffer at times, and what He is doing through our pain.

Six messages:

God’s Man in Egypt    Genesis 37:36
Man’s Man in Canaan    Genesis 38:1-25
The Women in Jesus’ Family Tree    Genesis 38:26-30
Favored by God and Man    Genesis 39:1-6
When Temptation Comes    Genesis 39:7-12
Sin Against Man, Sin Against God    Genesis 39:7-12