Our Promise Keeping God (mp3 Disc)

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Our Promise Keeping God

The Covenant of Grace! The Covenant of Redemption! The New Covenant! A Better Covenant! Ministers of the New Covenant! These phrases are often heard in Christian circles, but they raise questions for many. What is a covenant? How are the biblical covenants established? Who are the parties to a covenant? And how do human covenants differ from divine covenants? This series answers these questions and helps all Christians to understand this essential part of their relationship to God.

Messages include:

• The Covenant of Grace by Harry Reeder

• The Covenant of Redemption by James Boice

• The Covenant of Law by Joel Nederhood

• The New Covenant by Eric Alexander

• Mediator of a Better Covenant by Joel Nederhood

• Ministers of a Better Covenant by Eric Alexander

(6 mp3 files on 1 CD)