Jesus on Trial (Paperback)

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James Boice and Philip Ryken
P&R Publishing

Trials are compelling. Justice in the hands of ordinary citizens-??prosecutors, defendants, and witnesses trading rousing testimony and arguments. Yet the most spell-binding legal drama of all time - ??the sensational trials of Christ before the Jews and Romans - ??is so familiar that we miss the suspense and drama. In Jesus on Trial, two gifted pastors provide crucial details about the law in Jesus'?? time and how it compares to our own legal system, giving careful attention to each stage of the judicial process Jesus endured. As you hear the evidence and weigh the testimony against him, you too will find yourself drawn into the role of a juror. You'??ll gain a deeper understanding of Jesus and what it meant for him to claim that he was ??Christ, the Son of the Blessed One.?? As you are riveted by the ??hows?? and ??whys?? of the jury findings, you'??ll gain a new perspective on how and why Christ died for you.