Growing Your Christian Life (mp3 download set)

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Sinclair Ferguson

The New Testament is clear, the way in which we approach Christian growth is by recognizing that we plant and we sow, but it is God alone that gives the increase. How might we grow in the faith and grow in the Christian life? Listen as Sinclair Ferguson helps us answer that question by restating it. How, by God’s grace, may we place our lives in God’s hands that He may give the increase that He has promised to give us through His word? This Christian Life Course by Sinclair Ferguson is one of eighteen CLCs given at the 1987 Congress on the Bible II, a lay conference on applying God’s word to contemporary issues and problems. This Congress and it’s messages are part of the rich ten-year heritage of The International Council on Biblical Inerrancy.

The 3 messages of Growing Your Christian Life include:
• “The Nature and Implications of True Faith”
• “The Means of Growth and Development in Our Christian Faith”
• “The Way in Which We Are to Overcome Obstacles and Opposition to Our Growth and Faith”

(3 downloadable mp3 files)