Delighting in the Doctrine of Assurance (mp3 Disc)

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North Texas Conference on Reformed Theology 2014

Delighting in the Doctrine of Assurance
The recovery of the doctrines of the reformation have been a priority for
many churches. In the midst of this great recovery, the doctrine of assurance
has received insufficient attention. These messages will consider the lessons
of the past for the church today, clarify truth against the backdrop of error,
and comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

The 6 messages of Delighting in the Doctrine of Assurance include:
• “By the Spirit, Not by the Letter” by Josh Moody
• “Christ’s Assurance and Ours” by Mark Jones
• “Let God Be True” by Josh Moody
• “The Quest for Assurance in William Perkins” by Stephen Yuille
• “The Case for Conscience: The Greatest that Ever Was” by Stephen Yuille
• “The Heart of Christ in Heaven” by Mark Jones

(6 mp3 files on 1 CD)