Come Over and Help Us // Now is the Time (CD)

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James Boice

In an era where people’s rights are always in dispute, a Christian is inevitably led to the question of “What exactly are my rights?” Furthermore, what is the relationship between the pastor and congregation in the function and purpose of the church? These are difficult questions to answer, but thankfully, the apostle Paul addressed these issues. Knowledge of such matters is often called into question. Ultimately, we must know our place in God’s kingdom, His church, and how that relates to our lives as believers in a secular world, for we are God’s servants in Christian liberty.

The 4 messages of God’s Servant in Christian Liberty include:

• “Come Over and Help Us” - Acts 15:36-16:15

• “Now is the Time” - 2 Corinthians 5:1-6:2

(2 Messages on 1 CD)