• Genesis, Volume 1: Genesis 1-11 (Paperback)

    Genesis, Volume 1: Genesis 1-11 (Paperback)

    What can we gain from studying the Book of Genesis? According to James Montgomery Boice, starting at the beginning of everything causes us to think about God and to understand ourselves as fallen, yet redeemable. This knowledge not only deepens our...
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  • The Epistles of John (Paperback)

    The Epistles of John (Paperback)

    The three letters of John found near the end of the New Testament have a tendency to be oversimplified or simply overlooked in the study of the Scriptures. However, though these letters may on the surface seem less applicable to our time because they...
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  • Daniel (Paperback)

    Daniel (Paperback)

    Through Daniel's visions and experiences as an exile in Babylon, the Book of Daniel gives us a clearer understanding of history than any other part of the Bible. Daniel also makes it clear that God is in control of all human events that have unfolded or...
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  • Hosea (mp3 Disc)

    Hosea (mp3 Disc)

    The prophet Hosea’s whole life was lived as a vivid picture of God’s faithfulness in contrast to the unfaithfulness of His chosen people. These messages trace the pattern of how we first forget God, the consequences of forgetting and,...
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  • Ephesians (Paperback)

    Ephesians (Paperback)

    According to James Montgomery Boice, Paul's great letter to the Ephesians is "a mini-course in theology, centered on the church." Writing to the church in a city much like modern-day New York, Paul laid out his mature vision of the Christian faith's...
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  • Sermon on the Mount, The (Paperback)

    Sermon on the Mount, The (Paperback)

    Jesus' Sermon on the Mount shows us the absolute necessity of the new birth and a regenerated heart. It points us to Jesus himself. And it indicates the way to blessing for Christians - how we can please our heavenly Father. In this unique addition to...
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  • Minor Prophets Anthology (Boice)(CD Set)

    Minor Prophets Anthology (Boice)(CD Set)

    As Dr. Boice examines the lives of these “minor” prophets we discover messages of justice, hope, and redemption that characterize our God and that God still speaks to us today through these words. This study of God’s...
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