• Psalms, Volume 2: Psalms 42-106  (Paperback)

    Psalms, Volume 2: Psalms 42-106 (Paperback)

    "I have always thought of the psalms as the deepest and most spiritual portion of the Word of God."--James Montgomery Boice. Covering Psalms 42-106, this second volume on the book of Psalms portrays the realities of human life and the peace that is found...
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  • Psalms, Volume 1: Psalms 1-41 (Paperback)

    Psalms, Volume 1: Psalms 1-41 (Paperback)

    "No matter how familiar you may be with the Psalms, an incredible amount of information and insight can be gained through this commentary."--Christian Retailing. Whether you're a serious Bible student probing through Psalm 19 or a first-time reader...
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  • Philippians (Paperback)

    Philippians (Paperback)

    This commentary helps readers understand and apply the practical message of Philippians, helping them experience the exuberant joy of a well-lived Christian life.  As James Montgomery Boice points out, no book in the Bible is so filled with joy as...
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  • Nehemiah (Paperback)

    Nehemiah (Paperback)

    Nehemiah was a great leader. According to James Montgomery Boice, Nehemiah's leadership abilities were born from his submission to God, his ability to focus on the right goals, his wisdom in handling complex situations, and his courage to act decisively...
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  • Joshua (Paperback)

    Joshua (Paperback)

    "The secret of success is to know God's Word, speak about it, meditate on it, and then, above all, do it. In God's world there is no substitute for full obedience." Joshua was a soldier. According to James Montgomery Boice, he was "one of the most...
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  • Jonah and Micah (Hardcover)

    Jonah and Micah (Hardcover)

    Jonah is a figure of such contemporary features that he could be a member of one of our churches. Moreover, Jonah reminds us that the chief characteristic of redeemed people is not that they never sin, for sadly we still do, but that they are ready to...
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  • John, 2 Volume Set (Hardcover)

    John, 2 Volume Set (Hardcover)

    John's Gospel distinguishes itself among the four Gospels by its thorough discussions of single topics and by embedding its teaching material in conversations. Its approach allows for detailed exposition of doctrines and concepts, and also for practical...
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