Daniel (Paperback)

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James Boice
Baker Books

Through Daniel's visions and experiences as an exile in Babylon, the Book of Daniel gives us a clearer understanding of history than any other part of the Bible. Daniel also makes it clear that God is in control of all human events that have unfolded or will occur in later times. At the same time, he shows us how to live for God in ungodly times-like our own. In this new addition to James Montgomery Boice's popular commentary series, pastors, Bible students, and laypersons will find analysis of Daniel's illuminating insights into history. Boice explains the meaning of the text verse by verse and subject by subject. Its clear language and approachable style make this commentary accessible and enlightening. Within the pages are important lessons on: God's control over history - God's control over rulers - perseverance in faith - the sin God will not tolerate - the coming of the Messiah -  living for God amidst opposition.