Two Cities, Two Loves (mp3 Download Set)

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Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1995

Two Cities, Two Loves

Based on St. Augustine’s City of God, these messages remind believers of the Bible’s teaching about the city of man, which is doomed to perish, and the glorious City of God, which is eternal and to an ever stronger faith in God.

• “Saint Augustine and the Collapse of Culture” by William Barker
• “The Biblical Basis for the Two Humanities” by James Boice
• “The Biblical Basis for the Two Cities” by James Boice
• “The City of God at the End of the Twentieth Century” by Ken Myers
• “Christ and Culture: The Roman Catholic, Anabaptist, Lutheran
and Reformed Positions” by Michael Horton
• “Preaching Christ in Athens” by Michael Horton

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