Theology of the Reformation (CD Set)

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Theology of The Reformation

John Wycliffe, John Huss, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Hugh Latimer, and William Tyndale. All names which read like an honor roll of the great men of Church history.  And well they should, for it was through the work of God in these and others like them that the Reformation came to Europe in the sixteenth century. This series contains the messages from a special Reformation weekend conference held in 1984, and focuses on the unique personalities and biblical theology of the Reformation, applying both the theology and historical lessons of that time to our own.

7 messages on 7 CDs

Martin Luther: The Great Calvinist, John Gerstner
Scripture Alone, James Boice
The Priesthood of All Believers, Roger Nicole
The Person of Christ, James Boice
Justification by Faith, John Gerstner
John Calvin: The Great Lutheran, Roger Nicole
The English Reformation, John Guest