The Marks of the Church (CD Set)

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James Boice

The church today has many problems. We all know that it is not quite what it should be, but what characteristics should the Christian church have? In this insightful series, you’ll see what Jesus Christ intended His church to be as you learn the six marks of the church: the necessity of joy, the importance of holiness, the beauty of truth, the purpose of mission, the advantage of unity, and the excellence of love. You’ll feel confident about knowing what the church should consist of and be motivated to examine your own church situation and move towards improvement.

The Marks of the Church includes 6 messages:

  • The First Mark of the Church: Joy
  • The Second Mark of the Church: Holiness
  • The Third Mark of the Church: Truth
  • The Fourth Mark of the Church: Mission
  • The Fifth Mark of the Church: Unity
  • The Sixth Mark of the Church: Love

(6 messages on 3 CDs)

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