The Greatness and the Grandeur of God - Seminars (mp3 Download Set)

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Texas Hill Country Bible Conference 2012

The Greatness and The Grandeur of God Seminars

This audio series draws our attention to the grandest of all subjects - the greatness of God. The fact is our Christian lives can rise no higher than our true knowledge of God. A high view of God inevitably leads to high and holy living. Knowing God dramatically affects our worship, walk, and witness. Nothing so elevates our minds or deepens our spiritual affections that this profound study. Nothing is more strengthening or more personally satisfying than growing in the knowledge of our God. Everything hinges upon a proper understanding of who God is.
The 2 messages of The Greatness and the Grandeur of God Seminars include:

• “Relying on God’s Truthfulness” by Steve Lawson

• “Understanding God’s Will” by Derek Thomas

(2 mp3 downloads)