The Gospel: What? Why? How? (mp3 Download Set)

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Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2012

“The Gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone
who believes.” Romans 1:16
One of the healthiest and most encouraging signs in recent years has been a reemphasis on the Gospel as the heart of the Christian message and life. Yet, while the Gospel is spoken of more and more, the actual good news of Jesus is not always proclaimed. As Martyn Lloyd-Jones exclaimed: “Gospel! The first thing, therefore that we say about the Christian faith is that it is the announcement of some great and wonderful good news.”
This series The Gospel: What? Why? How? considers the message and method of the Gospel.

• The Gospel of Great Joy by Sinclair Ferguson
• The Gospel Remedy for Bad News by Harry Reeder
• The Gospel Power of God by Sinclair Ferguson
• The Gospel Preaching of the Cross by Ligon Duncan
• The Gospel Message of Christ by Robert Godfrey
• The Gospel Message of Reconcilation by Ligon Duncan

(6 mp3 Downloads)