The Fourfold State (mp3 Disc)

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Philip Ryken

Creation, fall, redemption, glory. It’s an easy to remember four-part history of everything, a tool for unlocking the meaning of life, and application of that kind of thinking to help us understand things happening in daily life—work, relationships, even recreation. It was the great man of faith, Thomas Boston’s goal to use this four-fold framework of the salvation story as a way of organizing his preaching so that anyone listening could locate themselves within its story. In this series, Dr. Philip Ryken does the same for you. After acquainting you with the history of Thomas Boston and the fourfold state, he takes you through the story of humankind’s happy innocence in the garden, its entire misery after the fall, the beginning of your recovery in Christ, and your eternal destiny in glory.

The four messages in this set include:

St. Augustine, Thomas Boston and the Four Things Everyone Needs to Know
Creation and the Fall or From Happy Innocence to Entire Misery
Redemption and the End or Begin Recovery to Eternal Destiny
The Fourfold State Applied to Some Things

Philip Graham Ryken, the Bible teacher of Every Last Word radio and internet broadcasts, focuses on teaching the whole Bible to change your whole life. Dr. Ryken also serves as President of Wheaton College. His books include: The Heart of the Cross (with Dr. James Boice), City on a Hill: The Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century, Jeremiah and Lamentations, and Loving the Way Jesus Loves. Every Last Word can be heard online, anytime, at

(4 mp3 files on 1 CD)

Topics: Creation, fall, sin, salvation, redemption, covenant, glory