The Doctrines of Grace (mp3 Disc)(PCRT 1974)

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The Doctrines of Grace
Grace — it’s a word that is heard endlessly in church settings — but do we
fully understand what it means? Do we live our lives for Christ with a sense
of the grace that God lavishes on His children? How much does the doctrine
of grace permeate the Bible? These topics and more are discussed and you’ll
also come to a better understanding of the importance of the Reformation,
which shed light on a dark world in which the doctrine of grace was almost
completely forgotten.

• The Doctrines of Grace in the Teachings of Jesus by Roger Nicole
• Prayer—For Our Benefit or God’s? by Ralph Keiper
• Was the Reformation Necessary? by Phillip Hughes
• Calvin: Preacher in God’s Name? by Donald MacLeod
• The Names of God in the Old Testament by Stuart Sacks
• The Five Points of Calvinism by Roger Nichole
• Holy Living in the Light of God’s Sovereignty by Ralph Keiper
• The Christian’s Superlative Optimism by Roger Nichole
• Witnessing in the Light of God’s Sovereignty by Ralph Keiper

(9 mp3 files on 1 CD)