Seeing Jesus Again (mp3 download Set)

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James Boice, Donald Barnhouse, Philip Ryken, and Richard Phillips

Seeing Jesus Again

When Jesus started His earthly ministry, He called His disciples to leave everything behind and follow Him. And they did. They ate together, traveled together, and ministered together. When Jesus was crucified, the disciples felt they had lost Him for good. But they were wrong, and they came to see how Jesus’ promise that He would be with them forever was true. We often hear teaching at church that God is with us. But do you ever worry about God leaving you—especially when you need Him most? That’s when we turn to Scripture, where it teaches us that even though we can’t see Him—He is always with us.
This audio set highlights key Scripture passages that show us Jesus’ heart for His people… how He mourned over the chosen people of God who were rejecting Him, and how He might mourn over us as well.
The 6 messages of Seeing Jesus Again include:

•  “A Lament for the Religously Favored” by James Boice

•  “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” by Philip Ryken

•  “Warning for Today’s Generation” by James Boice

•  “Seeing Jesus Again” by Philip Ryken

•  “The Cross - What it Reveals” by Donal Barnhouse

•  “Christ Exalted” by Richard Phillips

(6 messages on 2 CDs)