Renewing Your Mind in a Mindless World (Paperback)

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James Boice
Kregel Publications

With shallow thinking, mindless materialism, and self-gratification as the accepted norms of our culture, how does a believer remain faithful and fruitful? Paul's answer in Romans 12:1-??2 is to renew your mind. But what does that mean? How are you to renew your mind? Mind renewal means revolutionizing our thinking--it is not to be determined by the culture of the world around us. Rather, we must develop a distinctively different view of the world and everyday life. Written by the late James Montgomery Boice, this outstanding and practical guide to personal application of Romans 12:1-??2 to daily life will radically change not only how you see the world, it will change how you live. Step away from the trends of a mainstream culture, and follow a narrow but rewarding path to the transformation of your mind and life. These principles for discerning and following God's will are perfect for meaningful group discussion or life-changing personal reading.